Saturday, September 28, 2013

Waters Edge (Plein Air in Dubois Wyoming)

Oil on panel 6"x8"

I made slight modifications to this piece and also noticed the bright blues in the water did not match the actual painting, I had photographed this piece outside and did not compare the photo to the actual painting when I posted it. The second time around I photographed it inside as I normally do. 

Oil on panel 6"x8"

Now this painting I feel like I totally ruined by chasing the light. If you plein air paint then I think you know what I mean. I blocked the painting in and began pushing my lights and shadows and after a while the light had changed so significantly that I tried to adjust to how the shadows and lights had changed. That can be disastrous.... live and learn right?

My setup of a beautiful scene that I just couldn't capture. This is one I would liked to have tried again but I had one ride out of this area and had to leave shortly after finishing the above painting.

This was before I ruined it. I wish I could revert back to where it is in this photo. 

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