Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In the Grapevine Hills (repaint)

Oil on panel, 11"x14"

The Grapevine Hills is one of my favorite areas of Big Bend National Park.

This is one of those paintings I just wasn't happy with and since it never sold I decided to make it or break it. I actually learn a lot when I repaint a finished work. Making alterations to improve a painting requires deep analysis of the work and the ability to view with a critical eye. It is often difficult to see problems that you have stared at for long periods. Our eyes and minds begin to fool us into believing that what we have created is good and that can cause complacency. I am beginning to understand it is as important to make a painting beautiful as it is to make it believable. That idea is the catalyst that enables me to modify what I see into what I want. I know there is more I could do with this piece but it is far improved from the previous version and time to move on.

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Wendy Barrett said...

Hi David,
This painting looks stunning to me!
You have really captured a sense of place. It is similar country to some of the landscapes we have in Australia.