Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reflections of October

Oil on panel, 8"x10"
This is another redo of an older painting. I just painted right over the top of the old piece.


Suzanne H said...

Hi, David, I just sent you an e mail regarding this painting. It is lovely!

Peter Pascal said...

Some pretty designs alright. Doing the painting yourselves is more fun but a good place for ideas for more design is this
site of wahooart.com, that I use to help with my wall decorations.

You can browse for a painting like this The tree, by 20th century Czech artist, Frantisek Kupka, for example, http://EN.WahooArt.com/A55A04/w.nsf/
, that can be ordered on line and delivered to you.

Suzanne H said...

It is quite beautiful. I am so happy to be able to own this one. Thanks very much, David!