Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hill Country Afternoon (revised painting)

Oil on panel, 16"x20"

I originally painted and posted this piece in March of this year. It is a made up scene and I never was happy with it so I decided to make some changes and repaint it. I think it is a vast improvement from the original piece. 


Ken Ratner said...

Wow, a real stunner, David, very beautifully painted!

Suzanne H said...

Such a lovely painting, David! Love the vista, bluebonnets, clouds, sky, light, and everything else that comes together to make the whole of this work.

Ken Ratner said...

This is a superb painting, David!
The lighting, shadows, balance, and color choices you selected are excellent. It all adds up to one terrific picture!!

I like the fact that you're a driven artist, who is always looking to learn, and improve upon your work. Complacency is clearly not in your vocabulary. "Hill Country Afternoon" draws you in, it resonates in your mind long after seeing it. Congratulations on your latest achievement.