Friday, September 9, 2011

"A Verdant View"

Oil on stretched canvas, 24"x30"

I have made quite a few changes to this painting and totally repainted some areas. I left the original image for comparison purposes. It may or may not be improved but I felt the need to modify some areas and take the risk.

Oil on stretched linen canvas, 24"x30"

This painting was actually inspired by a smaller piece I painted a couple weeks ago titled "Bend in the Road". I was hoping to get the same spontaneity in this painting as I did in the smaller, but to no avail. I most likely will make a few modifications to this before all is said and done. Viewing online gives me a different perspective of what should be adjusted. Note to self: Bigger Brush!


Virginia Floyd said...

David, I've watched your work progress, although I may not comment a lot. I can tell you have made great strides. This is a beautiful painting. If I could make just one helpful suggestion :) Too many white dots in the blue bonnets. It's too detailed for the rest of the painting, which is lovely and muted. I hope you believe me when I say that I am not trying to be critical...I have really admired the progress you are making.

Now you can come give me a helpful suggestion!

Suzanne H said...

Love it. It seems you could walk into the painting onto the path and just keep on going. Nice!