Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"On the River"

Oil on linen canvas, 24"x30"

This is the larger version of this scene I recently painted. I have a very difficult time getting a usable photo of anything over 12"x16". The color is dingy and washed out. I had to shoot it outside which created a blue cast over the entire photo, which I attempted to correct. My camera just isn't good enough and eventually I will have to invest in a much better one.


Randy Saffle said...

I scan mine in and piece them together in Photoshop, but most are not this big. Taking photos of paintings is hard! I hope the viewer understands that if they like the picture they should really love the real thing.

David Forks said...


Your photoshop skills must be far greater than mine to piece photos together. Thanks for the comments!

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

This is a great painting is got great depth to it, and the colors are so spot on it looks like a photo.

Suzanne H said...

So beautiful! Looks like several places I have loved visiting in the past in Colorado and northern New Mexico.
On my Facebook page I have photos I have taken over the years of those and other special places. I love my antique roses and other flowers as well, and take photos of them, too. This is my own artistic outlet. I am a rank amateur, but some of them might interest you, who knows? I started taking photos at age 7. Almost all of my photos on FB are public.