Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Title: "War of the Roses"

Oil on Raymar linen panel, 8"x6"

UPDATE: I have re-titled this painting from "Tres Rosas Rojas" (three red roses) to "War of the Roses" because I fought this painting to the bitter and not so beautiful end. I don't know who was the victor, but having labored like I did with it, it gave way to a very loose and fresh approach to my next painting. One I am considering a success.

This could have been titled "Persistence" because I wiped this piece down and started it over several times. When I first started this blog a few months ago my learning curve was very steep and I had a high ratio of "wipe downs". But, with more paintings under my belt (and my stomach is starting to show it) my wipe downs have become far and few between, But being the personality sort I am I could not let this painting get the better of me. So, after much scrutiny and a little perspiration it has found its way back to my liking.

However, it still requires a bit of work before it is complete which gives me yet another opportunity to become dissatisfied with it. I hope it finds its way to my blog. That in itself would feel like a victory.

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