Monday, June 8, 2009


Everyday that we wake, we have a new beginning. A new opportunity to see things in a new light. The light of a new day. That is what I am doing today.

I have not posted to this blog since April 23rd. Previous to that day I had posted on a regular basis about 4 times a week since I started this blog in October of 2008. I am very much a creature of habit and try as much as possible to create good habits for myself.

Much has happened in the last few years to me and my family. To say it has been tough at times is an understatement. I have withstood many personal losses in that time, but all the while I had one constant loving and unconditional companion. My Boston Terrier Marley. He was a huge part of my life. He was so much more than a pet to me. I can not to this day write this without shedding tears for his loss. He was part of everything I did while I was home. we spent almost all of his waking hours side by side. And painting was one of them. He would lay himself right in front of my easel at times making it difficult for me to reach my canvas or I would be forced to stand in an awkward position to paint, but I never moved him out of the way. Other times he would lay his head on my feet while I stood painting forcing me to stay in that position till I couldn't any longer. My entire morning routine of painting, running and exercising and even fixing my food to take to work all included Marley. His loss was devastating to me and painting among other things became just to difficult to do. Marley Bob died on Monday April 27th from a reaction to medication after having surgery.

Everyday that we wake, we see things in a new light, and it is usually darkest before the dawn. Now, today I have decided to allow myself to see the light again and to get back to the things that are good habits. I did complete one painting a few weeks ago and will post that painting here today. I have started another painting and I am also going for a run in a few minutes. Another first without my good friend.

For all those people that check in on my blog from time to time. Thanks. Thanks for caring about my work and for your continued interest. I will try to get back to where I was before Marley's passing.

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Suzanne H said...

Wow, while searching through your blog for Rain on the Mesa, I read this for the first time. I can certainly understand your feelings of loss at that time, having had a similarly wonderful Lab mix boy who was just the sweetest dog on the face of this earth. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 10 years ago. As you know by now, only time even begins to heal these types of losses. Speaking as an admirer and collector (guess I am being somewhat optimistic here)of your work, I am very glad that you made that new beginning!